AOBC 2900 boxing Exbition event this weekend 13th Sept 2014. has been postponed to 20th September 2014.

Reason being two boxers on the event have had minor injuries and they need to recover. The Card will remain,
Bout Nr.

1. Fredy Ashira Oure Jr. vs TBA – Paper weight .

2. Simon Christensen Vs TBA – Jr. Middleweight
3. Michael Reim Vs TBA – Light heavyweight
Ashira Oure Boxing presentattion, boxing integration with business ..
4. William Bendix Vs TBA- Heavyweight
5. Ashira Oure Jr Vs TBA – Heavyweight

Main event of the evening will be between two former Denmarks best Welters weights to date  .Thomas Damgaard Vs Christian Bladt at Supper Welter weight ..both have been European Champions. They never boxed each other to prove who is the best. The fight was never made due to promotional obligations. Now you will be able to witness this at AOBC 2900.They are all out fighters exciting boxing style.

The co- main event will 16yrs old  up and coming Allan Ashira Oure Jr. at Heavyweight with exciting flashy boxing style.

Simon Christensen at Supper welterweight will be on card too with explosive boxing style.

William Bendix at heavy weight hard hitter, Freddy Ashira Oure jr. 12yrs Old all out boxing style .. We will have a great evening of boxing action.

Ashira Oure former 2x Champion of the World at Light middleweight and Middleweight, will Power speech on  Boxing intragation with Bussiness ..
We will have seats and drinks for the invited guest .. The event starts from 14.30 hrs through 17.00hrs ..

This event is powered by

Joe & the juice,

Gubi Funitures 

ROTUNDEN supermarket

 Atlantis. Bjorn borg

Well-come fitness

and the Bagel co ..