Hellerup facility:

One-on-one personal training, per hour

800 DKK

2 persons per session :

400 DKK per person.

3-6 persons per session, 

800 Dkk.

Teams of 7-12 persons per session:

1000 DKK.

Athlete youths (6-15 years)  Conditioning, Timing, motivation and speed -one-on-one, per session:

800 DKK per person.

Children (6-15 years) groups of 3-6 persons per session:

1000 DKK .

Monthly offers: Buy 10 sessions get one for 50%

One month one-on-one training, up to 4 sessions per week:

11200 DKK.

Training will include weight-training, boxing- training , Speed, footwork, Timing, Agility, co-ordination  and Cardio depending on the clients goals.

Bachelor party (Polterabend):

2000 DKK.

Train with and box against (sparring) the champ, pose for photo with championship belt of your choice  IBA World Championship, IBF international, WBA international..