This is a program that involves school, for fitness and discipline. The project main line is it keeps the kids busy and activate their competitiveness , build ambitions and make them productive members of society . Our motto is “We are gentlemen first, students second and boxers third.” Our aim is to help develop the whole person, not just their boxing ability.

Boxing is not just about getting into shape and mastering the tools of the sweet science. An equally important aspect of the fight game is having the mental fortitude to succeed. Boxing is unique from other sports, as a fighter must stand alone inside the ring. They get the tools they need to grow-up and become productive people. It is an important valuable alternative to violence, crime and drugs. That is exactly what boxing does like no other sport, it helps kids find themselves.

Not only do they discover things that they didn’t know were available to them, they gain pride and confidence in themselves. Our program is a platform for them to have dignity. We agreed to absorb the boxing program with a twist – education components have to be part of it. We established behavioral rules and conduct with disciplinary consequences.

Exercises improves mental health ..

1.Exercise enhances the brain’s metabolism. Studies show that active children have improved memory as a result of better brain function!

2.Studies report that exercise decreases anxiety, reduces depression, and improves mood and outlook in children. In addition, their quality of sleep is improved .

3.They learn discipline, they learn respect, and they learn a work ethic. The schools we have we had tried part of the program.

1. Tranegårdskolen  2. Øregard gymnasium 3. Ungdomsskolen Gentofte and at Greenland we had a full program that had 75% success .

Green Land school project 2012.

Chess Boxing presentation by AOBC 2900.