Welcome to Ashira Oure Boxing Gym, one of the best boxing fitness inside Denmark . Well known among business community. Whether you’re new to the sports of boxing, or former boxer who just wanna get back in shape or you just want to try something new to keep your training interesting. We can work with you to deliver whatever it is you’re looking for.

Ashira Oure Boxing Gym was established in 2005 at west palm beach Florida USA. Relocated to Copenhagen Denmark 2007. We mainly focus on boxing exercise, combination on the pads, heavy and light bag work outs. Boxing intense cardio , box punch conditioning and weight training .

Over the years of training boxing across the globe. Europe, USA and Africa with elite boxers. Like Calzaghe Europe, Mayweather USA, African Warrior, Africa. We have adapted Unik style blending all the best exercises to achieve the best fitness. Get in the best shape possible. Creating a healthy life style and fit life ..

As we say fit and healthy could sound same but there is big deference. where by Healthy could mean not having sickness. While fit means body functioning at the top in every aspect. over the years we have incorporated weight training into boxing work outs, to deliver more quality result as per the subject.

Ashira oure Boxing instructors have been in the game them self or in some kind of martial art to make it unique. We feel that regardless of whether you want to just get in shape or eventually step into the ring, it’s important that you have confidence in knowing that you’re learning from those who have been through it.

While many fighters do this for a living, so have men and women from every walk of life do it. For living too in a way they need both being healthy and fit to live full life. We pride ourselves on having found the balance between an authentic fight gym and a welcoming environment with a true sense of community. We look forward to seeing you here.