Evans Oure Ashira Bio & Certification!
Years of perseverance, training and education have paid off…

Life as a price-fighter and a self employed Personal Trainer has been interesting, to say the least. Besides Denmark, I have trained clients in Florida, Philadelphia and Las Vegas, and been involved in high profiled training camps with some of the best boxers, and trainers in the world.

Additionally I have contributed to the Flora Health nutritional magazine (http://florahealth.com/Flora/Home/canada/Products/das.asp#das), and appeared in Danish motion picture “To ryk og en aflevering” (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0350485/fullcredits#cast).

Fitness is a major part of preventive medicine approach to health. Although fitness and health have similar properties, they are in reality two very different concepts. While health means the absence of disease, fitness refers to the degree of body functioning and the ability of the body to handle practical demands. The higher the level of fitness, the more the body is being free of disease and maintaining a healthy state. It has been pretty exciting for a boy who developed the love of sport from the age of 9 yrs. when he started playing paper soccer in Africa in his father’s backyard.


– Kenyan boxing Champion in three weight divisions for six years, African champion, Commonwealth champion and 1996 Olympian in Atlanta, USA.
– Turned professional in1998 in Denmark, and two years later signed with the hall of fame promoter Don King in the USA. Mr. King has promoted The best boxers in the world, such as Muhammad Ali, George Foreman and Mike Tyson, just to name few.
– In 12years as a professional boxer I have won four titles, including two Championship of the world titles, 1999 IBF Intercontinental Light Middleweight,  2001 WBA International Middleweight and the IBA World Middleweight title. 2007 IBA Light Middleweight champion of the world.
– I attended the personal trainer course at Concept Fitness in West Palm Beach, Florida. My specialty is training boxing and getting my clients fit, teach them self-defence and have fun doing it! My training is always more interesting in the way that my clients have a chance to experience a variety of things, such as doing weight training, power training, strength, speed, reflex, eating right and discipline, among others.


With most of my clients, their livelihood depends on their physical appearance and conditioning! The most challenging and rewarding part of my work is training people with various health problems, like obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol and overweight kids.

I have trained my clients at LA Fitness as a private personal trainer and at various private-owned fitness facilities. Late last year I relocated to Denmark and started as a self employed personal trainer. I currently train my clients at Fitness.dk in Copenhagen.

Been in the entertainment and fitness industry for over 15 year, and a trainer 17 years, accomplishing my client’s goals by offering them a unique combination of skills, assets and experience, which includes sacrificing all the necessary to make it happen gaining strength and speed, and learn self-defence and discipline at the same time.