Train the brain /youth boxing project

Youth Boxing Program offers much more than learning the sweet science of boxing!

Boxing is perhaps the most challenging sport of all. A boxer requires a unique blend of speed, strength, and endurance. In addition to these qualities, he must stand up to the challenge  by an equally matched opponent. To withstand the inevitable pressure  and fatigue, the boxer must possess a mind that is as tough as his body.The boxing program is needed for wayward youth with a little or no direction. The gyms give them a place to go for hope, building confidence and making them feel better about themselves.

Boxing is not just about getting into shape and mastering the tools of the sweet science. An equally important aspect of the fight game is having the mental fortitude to succeed. Boxing is unique from other sports, as a fighter must stand alone inside the ring. They get the tools they need to grow-up and become productive people. It is an important valuable alternative to violence, crime and drugs. That is exactly what boxing does like no other sport, it helps kids find themselves.

Not only do they discover things that they didn’t know were available to them, they gain pride and confidence in themselves. Our program is a platform for them to have dignity. We agreed to absorb the boxing program with a twist – education components have to be part of it. We established behavioral rules and conduct with disciplinary consequences.

The kids have to keep their grades up if they want to stay in the project .Each gym has subject to adherence to a set of rules established for proper behavior and appearance. It demands strict membership requirements.

Regardless of your abilities, the time will come when you must battle fatigue. You may be hurt or injured, yet forced to continue. Boxing is not like other sports where you can look to the referee to call timeout. Instead, you must fight until the bell rings. You have the option to quit, but real fighters never will. Real boxers fight regardless of the adversity faced inside the ring. For many group members who experience violence or emotional abuse in their communities, homes, schools or from the police, the safest time in their week is at the boxing gym. Training boxing taps their strengths and helps them learn more about themselves, gain confidence and find a way out of violence.

We isolate them from the rest of the community integrate them on regular basis in a positive way. Keep them in a healthy life style, learn them how to spend time by keeping them fit, feed them healthy food. Learn them responsibility ..

A strong mind can help during these difficult times. The mind is a powerful tool that some never learn to control. For example, all boxers understand the importance of running, watching their diet, and training hard in the gym. Why then, are some fighters in amazing shape, while others only mediocre? Why do some fighters have difficulties making weight, while others weigh in perfectly every time? The answers to these questions lie within the mental discipline of the fighter. It is easy to cheat on your diet and easy to skip your roadwork. Unfortunately for many, boxing is not an easy sport.

The project main line is it keeps the kids busy and activate their competitiveness , build ambitions and make them productive members of society . Our motto is “We are gentlemen first, students second and boxers third.” Our aim is to help develop the whole person, not just their boxing ability.

When you decide in your heart, that you want to succeed, your mind will take over. You begin to make boxing your sole purpose in life. You have to eat, sleep, and dream boxing to be the best. If you don’t, rest assured that someone else will. This is not a sport you play. This is a sport where you can get hurt. Boxing is a sport for warriors, those that are strong both mentally and physically. We will all face fear and doubt, but with dedicated training and experience, we learn to quell these feelings.

The finished result will be no one left behind by the system, cabbing crime by engaging the youth and integrating them in to the system. Making the city a better place for everyone to live .

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